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Best software to detect plagiarism

Hello everyone! After a very long and hectic semester, I’ve officially graduated in Bachelor of Food Sc and Nutrition. Praised to Allah The Most Gracious for giving me his blessing. Today I’m going to share with you almost perfect software for plagiarism detection. As for researchers who need to write paperwork or students who preparing […]


Kenapa computer anda perlukan antivirus?

Masalah virus komputer sering dihadapi oleh setiap kita yang mempunyai computer. Virus boleh menyebabkan data-data penting dan bernilai dalam computer kita tidak dapat diakses atau hilang. Setiap computer perlu mempunyai satu software antivirus bagi memastikan komputer sering dipantau dengan perisian tersebut dan mengelakkan virus daripada merebak ke seluruh komputer. Virus boleh datang daripada pendrive atau […]


How to disinfect Secure Browsing Shortcut Malware

One day after my classmate took my pendrive for preparing our presentation and my clean pendrive suddenly showed Secure Browsing Shortcut icon and hide all my documents present in my pendrive. I’m shocked since it was my first time my pendrive infected with this kind of malware. When I go to Google and search for […]


How to remove shortcut virus from computer and USB

Shortcut virus appears to infect a lot of computer and external USD very common. Unhide and delete all the files with shortcut icon (and also delete fypuas.exe and fypuasx.exe also sometimes tmxnftcqgr.exe) is very mutual tips you can find. However, doing that will not protecting your computer from this kind of malware in the long […]

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